Product Information

  • Weight Gain Smoothie can be used by anyone desiring to add nutritional calories to their diet to gain some weight. The extra calories and abundant nutrients will help you gain weight while providing you with valuable vitamins and minerals
  • Weight Gain Smoothie contains no herbs. It is a natural nutritional supplement developed to add extra calories and nutrients to your diet to put on weight.
  • If your objective is to weight gain, we suggest an objective of 2 lbs per week. For this you will need to consume about 1000 more calories each day than your body normally needs. Try 2 scoops of Weight Gain Smoothie with 8oz of whole milk for about 670 calories, 2-3 times a day. Experiment with a blender, adding additional high calorie items such as olive oil, ice cream, etc. Stick with it for a few weeks to see real results
  • Don't be afraid to experiment. Try adding ice cream, frozen fruits, healthy oils, yogurt, 'green' powders, etc. Start with a simple, cheap blender
  • Weight Gain Smoothie is cholesterol free. If you mix it with water you can still get about 500 calories per smoothie. That's pretty good. Throw some good oils in there to up the calorie count (if allowed). If you can tolerate a little cholesterol, try some whole milk for added calories.
  • Weight Gain Smoothie can be considered as a meal replacement. It provides more than the daily allowance of the nutrients the body needs
  • Try a Weight Gain Smoothie as a quick lunch. It contains valuable nutrients and can fuel you up for until afternoon snack time
  • Weight Gain Smoothie consists of nutritional ingredients (commonly available) found in foods. It does not contain medications, herbs, or stimulants. Please read our detailed ingredients list to see if you are sensitive to anything in our formula. The most common issue will be for those of you who are diabetic, so please be careful and follow your doctor's guidelines
  • Some users have reported minor bloating with this product. This is probably due to consuming servings too close to one other, so just try waiting a little longer between smoothies. The extra time will allow your body more time to process the calories.
  • A healthy weight gain can be generally defined as 2-3 pounds per week. But don't try to gain excessive amounts of weight in short time periods, it's not a realistic goal or a healthy way of thinking
  • Weight Gain Smoothie does contain some sugars so diabetic users are advised to consult with their doctor before use
  • If possible, try to continue your regular meals and use Weight Gain Smoothie to supplement those meals. This approach will probably yield the best results
  • Exercise can help in weight gain by stimulating appetite and helping to make you feel hungry. Besides, we all know that a little daily exercise is good for us
  • If you're just starting out with Weight Gain Smoothie, try the following: Focus on a smoothie consisting of 2 scoops of Weight Gain Smoothie and either water, almond milk, or milk. Try this at least twice a day until you get used to the process of preparing a smoothie. Then start experimenting by adding additional items to the mix.
  • At this time, Weight Gain Smoothie is only available through this web site, delivered to your doorstep.. We are currently working to make it available in select retail stores
  • Experiment ...
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