Product Reviews


I have been taking Weight Gain Smoothie daily mixed with Almond Milk and I must say the product has worked me. The Creamy Vanilla flavor is very satisfying and refreshing. I have received excellent customer service and I highly recommend this product.


This is an excellent product and the customer service provided is outstanding whenever there is a miscommunication of delivery.


Excellent Product with great taste!


Delicious. After receiving the weight gain smoothie powder we added frozen strawberries, ice cream and whole milk with a scoop of weight gain smoothie to our blender. The kids Loved it! Thanks again Phil!!! I highly recommend this product!!!

Keith from CT

Great taste with the vanilla. I was a long time customer of suplimed substimeal for over 10 years and tried the chocolate and strawberry a few times and did not care for the taste of those. The vanilla is the best and would be fine if it remained the only flavor of weight gain smoothie available. I just am not seeing the weight gain yet, and think the calories may not be that high…I will continue trying and monitoring any progress with weight gain.

C.C. from St. Louis

Compared to Boost, this tastes so much better. Unlike the clinical flavor and gritty after-taste of Boost, the Weight Gain Smoothie is flavorful and smooth–just like a great milkshake. I like it best with a touch of extra vanilla and ice cream! Yum!