The story behind Weight Gain Smoothie

Weight Gain Smoothie ("WGS") is the result of one man's quest to find a meal replacement product that was nutritional AND tasted better than the competition.

That man is me, Phil Carapelle, owner of WGS.

My journey began in late 2011 (at age 58) after being diagnosed with head and neck cancer. I had 2 major surgeries followed by aggressive chemo-therapy and radiation treatment that almost killed me.

My treatment left me in a condition that limited my ability to consume solid foods; all my food intake was via a feeding tube. I yanked the tube in mid 2012 and was able to start on a liquid diet.

Not yet able to drive, I took to the internet and started buying different types of weight gain and/or meal replacement products. I hated ALL of them. Most tasted like industrial waste or contained steroids and/or stimulants.

After wasting hundreds of dollars on lousy products, I finally found a company in Montana (SupliMed) founded by an oncologist, who had developed a product for use by his patients, specifically so that they would not have to survive on the likes of Jevity, Ensure, Boost, or similar horrible tasting products.

I bought the product from SupliMed (not expecting much) and to my surprise, it was excellent! It didn't stink in the bottle or taste anything like the other stuff I had tried, so I was hooked!

I continued to use the product until the company decided (for family reasons) to cease operations in 2017. I didn't know what I was going to do, I was still not able to eat a fully solid diet. I think I got the last bottle of inventory.

In 2018 I took the plunge, contacted the manufacturer and made a deal to produce Weight Gain Smoothie as a replacement for the Suplimed product. In the course of working on the recipe, I made two decisions, (1) that I would remove the product ingredient that contained gluten, and (2) that I would initially offer it in only one flavor (vanilla). I am thinking about chocolate, but honestly, I think that I prefer to stick to the vanilla BECAUSE it's very easy to add your own flavor and additional ingredients to get your serving just the way you like it. (send me recipes!)

I am working hard to build this business and to help as many folks as possible to get through their weight gain issues.

Thank you to all my customers for trusting me and Weight Gain Smoothie! If you have anything to say, please hit my contact page here

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